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Welcome to the The Preservation Center of Heritage and Identity of Iraqi Cities (PCHIIC).






If the past was full of brilliant civilizational, intellectual and scientific achievements ...

So why do we live in a present full of helplessness and frustration?

Together, let us build a prosperous present ... and a bright, promising future.


                                                                                                      (CPHIIC team, 2011).




Iraq being the cradle of civilizations, this means that it has a huge amount of diverse and abundant cultural heritage, where the cognitive treasures and high-end scientific achievements, so the logic dictates that these tangible and intangible treasures be invested, to enrich his march in this life and to strengthen the building of his distinct identity among the peoples of the earth and to become High scientific and civilizational platform in the world.
The Iraqi situation needs a comprehensive vision that serves as a strategic solution that links the current generation with its glorious past and informs them of the great achievements made by parents and grandparents, which enhances their self-confidence and constitutes a great motivation and strength for this generation, in order to work hard and launch the fields of creativity and development to build a prosperous present and a promising future

The ancient and historic monuments, objects, and archaeological sites of Iraq enrich and inform today's societies, and help connect us to our cultural origins.
But, unfortunately; cultural heritage sites are becoming collateral victims with the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters, both natural and human induced. There are many different risk factors that threaten our cultural heritage. These include direct and indirect factors, natural risks that could be catastrophic, sporadic or constant, neglect, decay and inappropriate development, wars, looting and illicit excavations of sites and conflicts, in addition to the problems and challenges that cities are suffering from, insufficient planning, bad restorations and reconstructions, and urban planning policies and their consequences; all of which have a heavy impact on cultural heritage and the specific identity.
Thus, The Preservation Center of Heritage and Identity of Iraqi Cities (PCHIIC) aimed in the protection and preservation of the Iraqi's ancient and historic monuments, objects, and archaeological sites, as well as, managing, organizing and coordinating urban and architectural affairs and all construction systems, in addition to proposing and preparing development plans for cities, through a specialized charter that was prepared for this purpose to serve all Iraqi cities, which is the Najaf Charter.

PCHIIC is dedicated to advancing many fields of sciences of heritage, archaeology, urban planning, architect, construction, and other linked fields, through transdisciplinary research, education and training, practice and advocacy, with the aim to enhance sustainable preservation of cultural heritage, elements of identity, interpretation, and access in service to the global conservation community.




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